Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New and Improved

I really don't like it when marketers slap that label onto a product: "New and Improved!" It's either one or the other. If it's new, then you didn't improve the old thing. If it's improved, you didn't give me something new.

The only way that would be true is if they gave me something that they'd improved and gave me something new. That would be pretty cool.


We're getting ready to launch a new book about marriage. It's a short handbook designed to help couples go through a marriage retreat together. It's got all the conversations and planning tips you need to have your own State of the Marriage Retreat


We've also gone back and edited the first book, 52 Conversations, to get rid of some pesky errors, add some good content, and update the cover design. There are 4 totally new conversations in there, along with numerous small improvements. 

We look forward to telling you more about all of this as the books get closer to being released. 

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