Friday, April 13, 2012

You are the Experts on Your Marriage

I've had several people ask why we felt the need to write a book on marriage. That's a good question. There are lots of marriage books out there and several that we've read that have been super helpful in our marriage (the bibliography in the back of the book gives a great list). Most every marriage book we've read comes from a marital therapist with degrees and lots of experience counseling married couples. Which is good, they are writing good and helpful things based on a wealth of training and experience. You should read those books.

Then why should you read a book by a couple that has zero degrees in marital therapy and has never given a single professional counseling session? Good question.

The real reason that we wrote this book is to help you make your marriage better. You are the experts on your marriage. You know what's worked in the past, what hasn't and you have a good sense of what needs to change. Most of the people we know aren't in crisis mode and seeking counseling as a last step before divorce. No, most people are trying to figure out how to get back that honeymoon feeling in a marriage that's gone a bit stale. There's no thunderbolt from the sky telling you that you'd better change, or else. Rather there's a slow, gray creeping of habitual interaction that lead to the same results you've gotten for years.

Because you know your marriage better than anyone else, we can't write a book that tells you how to change. So, we didn't do that. Instead, we wrote a book of conversation starters. There are 52 conversations and 52 weeks in a year (weird how that works out). There are a few thoughts and a few questions for each week (we try to keep it to about three paragraphs and three open-ended questions). Then you do what you do best - be the experts on your marriage.

Talk through the topics, skip around from one to the other (you don't have to go in order). Ignore us if what we say doesn't work for you. Challenge us if you think we're wrong (go to the Facebook page and tell us about it, please). Just have a conversation with your spouse about your relationship. Do it once a week for a year, I challenge you.

From Sunday, April 15th to Tuesday the 17th you can get the eBook for free! Now what's your excuse?

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