Thursday, March 1, 2012

Communication and the "Aha" Moment

Do you ever have one of those big "Aha" moments where it feels like the world spins around 180 degrees (or it's always been that way and you just realized it). When you start working on communication with your spouse, you're bound to get at least one of those moments. You both view the world in a slightly different way, but now you get to share a house and a life.

But the communication discoveries aren't just for newlyweds, you can have them at any point in your marriage. It just takes the commitment to keep learning about each other and to keep learning about how you communicate together.

One of my best "Aha" moments came a few years after we were married. We took a few personality surveys for a job opportunity and we learned that I (James) am a natural introvert and Andrea is an extrovert. With that one bit of information we were able to go back and explain any number of arguments we'd had. Now we knew that they were due to me being tired of people and Andrea craving time with people. Using that information has helped us to choose our activities and address both of our needs. Mostly it's helped us to communicate better.

If you've had a great "Aha" moment around communication, you should go over and share it on The Marriage Challenge Facebook page. We're starting a community discussion through the book (today). Join us!

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