Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Communicate about Communication

The only way to get better at communicating is to communicate about communication. Is your brain alright after that sentence? Mine's a little on the woozy side. Nevertheless, it's true. If we just keep communicating the way we always have, we won't get much better at communication.

Your marriage is a system that's perfectly designed to get exactly the results you're getting now. 

So, if you don't work on the system, you won't get different results. It's that simple. But, if you start picking apart the system and looking for things that could improve, then you're actually addressing the eventual results you want to get. In your marriage, communication is, perhaps, the core system that connects and drives all the other systems. If you have dysfunctional communication, then it's going to be incredibly difficult to work on your conflict, budget or sex life.

What results do you wish you were getting from the system of your marriage? What one thing could you change in your communication that would help produce those results?

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