Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Marriage Challenge Community

Life is better with people along for the ride. With The Marriage Challenge, you have tools to have conversations with your spouse, but that's just two people. It's good to work on your marriage together, but it's also helpful to go through the process with a group. When we first did the 2010 Marriage Challenge it was a group of us working through the process together. Every week we would get to have a conversation about our conversations (that's a lot of conversations!).

Now that the book is published, we can still have a community experience. You're not alone as you do this. That's a good thing since we all have different experiences we can all help each other to understand marriage and The Marriage Challenge better. Andrea and I aren't the experts on your marriage, you are. We're just giving you some tools to work on your marriage (and we're going to work on ours).

So starting on March 1st, we're going to start going through the conversations together on the Facebook Page (at facebook.com/MarriageChallenge). If you have any questions, post them. If you have comments, post them. If you have additional thoughts, post them. Let's help each other to have better marriages!

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