Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you have a great Valentine's day and it exceeds all your expectations.

But that's usually the problem with this day (and a lot of "romantic" holidays), they don't exceed our expectations and so they become a constant source of disappointment and fear. The person in the relationship with the high expectations is disappointed and the person who fails to meet those expectations becomes afraid. The cycle continues, year after year, holiday after holiday, until everyone just wants to give up.

There's another option though. You don't have to give up on romance or celebrating love on the fourteenth day of February. But instead of expecting others to live up to your expectations, you can choose to show them love. It's a powerful switch.

Instead of the cycle of disappointment and fear, you'll start to see a cycle of surprise and delight. The pleasant surprise of being loved will delight the person who has, up to this point, been afraid of romantic holidays. After time, that delight will be returned as surprise to the person who started it all. It may not happen the first time (or the second or the third, if you're several cycles into fear and disappointment), but eventually you'll turn things around and move toward surprise and delight.

How can you change your expectations for Valentine's Day?

Note: this post was inspired by Breanna Newbill of Dollar Store Mom and the book Love and Respect

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