Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Talking about Sex

We have such a weird relationship with sex conversations. I don't know if it goes back to our country's puritanical roots or Victorian England or what, but we aren't good at talking in a frank, honest manner about sex. Sure it comes up in TV and movies a lot, but it's either the butt of a joke or erotically charged material designed to arouse. There's almost no real information about sex given in the mass media.

There's a stigma against sex in churches and schools that, I'm assuming, can only be traced back to the home. We aren't comfortable with talking about sex in our own homes. If the population numbers are anything to go by, people are having sex, but just not talking about it. Ed Stetzer, a pastor and church planter, notes that churches need to learn how to talk about sex. It's not possible to remain neutral. Messages about sex will be communicated, but right now those messages are that sex is a joke or something dirty.

What has your experience been in talking about sex? What do you think should change? Where should sex be discussed?

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  1. Hum? My parents where fairly open with talking about sex. (They are not Christians) However I know they expected me to wait until I was married, even when they clearly had not. As a teenager it seemed like a subject you only talked about with your close friends. However if you were a Christain and struggling with tempation you certainly could not talk to anyone about it with the fear of judgement. As a new wife it was strange to talk openly about sex with my husband. I was still concerned about the judgement I would recieve from him. However it has been almost 12 years now and I have decided that it is a topic that is fun and exciting to talk about with him.
    As far as mixed company goes, I think different people feel more comfortable then others. I would say generally sex is best dicussed in same gender groups. This can help avoid uncomfortable conversations. I also feel that sex is something special that God created for a husband and wife to enjoy and certain details should remain secret. I would like to see the "dirty" aspect taken away from sex. I have three children and I want them to understand what a beautiful gift God was given us. I feel that many wifes struggle with sex because of this "dirty" factor. If we as parents can take that out perhaps there will be more happy husbands :)