Monday, January 30, 2012

A Superbowl Guide for Wives

In just a few short days the biggest game of the NFL season will be upon us. There will be Superbowl parties across the land which means that non-football watchers will be forced to endure the sport, perhaps for the first time in a year.

I don't want to be sexist, often men don't know anything about sports and that's fine. I'm just speaking from my experience where I like football and my wife doesn't care. So if I use language that sounds like women don't know anything about football or sports, that's not what I'm saying. I'm just saying that my woman doesn't know much about sports.

Get an idea of the basics. American football is like no other sport in the world, so getting a sense of the basic rules will be helpful. Check out How American Football Works for a good overview. You don't need to be able to call out a nickle-blitz package when you see the defense come on to the field (I can't even do that), just know the difference between 1st down and 4th down. It'll give you a better understanding of why people are yelling.

Find the stories. Because there are people involved, there are emotions and stories that lead up to game-day. After 9/11 the Patriots were "destined" to win as a representation of the American spirit. After Katrina, New Orleans was the emotional favorite to demonstrate the resilience of the city. This year it's New England versus New York - that rivalry has been heated and emotional in baseball (Red Sox vs. Yankees) and looks to be no less heated on the football field. You can also find out more about the individuals. A good place to find the story behind the stats is on ESPN's Page 2.

Ask for an explanation. Your spouse will be happy to explain things to you, if you ask at the right time. It's probably not a good idea to ask in the middle of the game when everyone is trying to pay attention. Rather, ask before the game. You can watch reruns of classic games on the NFL network or you can catch repeats of recent college games on ESPN 3. Watch some, or all, of a game and ask for an explanation of what's going on. Your spouse will enjoy the chance to share what they enjoy with you and it will help you enjoy the Superbowl better.

Place a Bet. You shouldn't put large sums of money on the game, but wagering something can make the game more interesting. Put $5 on who will win, or get more creative. Bet doing dishes or laundry for a week. Wager on the last digit of the scores at the end of the half and at the end of the game. Guess who score first or which act will mess up during the half-time show. Draw numbers from a hat and if that player does well, then you get points and the person with the most points wins the bet. However you set it up, betting on the game can make it a lot more fun to watch. Here are some great party ideas.

Party. Ignore the game if you just can't get into it. Leave the room (until the commercials come on) and talk with friends. Enjoy the food and atmosphere of a party. While you do this, be considerate of the people who want to watch the game. Go in the other room and don't make so much noise that they can't hear the game (probably don't practice your drum-line).

Go Out. If it's just that bad, you can go out and find something else to do while the big game is playing at your house. Grab brunch, hit up a sale or go to a show. Enjoy yourself. It's not bad to enjoy separate things from your spouse. Give each other space to have a great day and then come back together and swap stories.

What tips do you have for surviving the Superbowl for non-sports fans?

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  1. I will be watching and hoping that my fiance will watch with me. He is not the sports fan in our house, but he puts up with it pretty well for my sake!!