Monday, January 23, 2012

Compatibility versus Working Hard

How big a role does compatibility play in marital success? Online dating sites and premarital counseling material are designed to determine how compatible a couple is. The thought is that the more you and your partner have in common, the more likely you are to be happy and have a long, successful marriage.

But what about the aphorism, "Opposites attract?" What would Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat have to say about compatibility tests? There is so much joy in discovering the differences that you and your partner have, being too "compatible" might prevent that.

Whether you're very similar to your mate or incredibly different, hard work is the answer. You can't replace work with compatibility or the novelty of being different. Either way you need to learn about each other, practice conversation, conflict resolution and showing love to each other.

How compatible are you with your spouse? How has that affected your relationship?

And here's the video for your enjoyment.

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